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SHADES Proportional Grayscale Pencil 6B Teacher 12 pack

$15.00 $13.00

The SHADES Teacher 12-pack contains the 11-Value 6B pencil has a cedar handle. The image shows three views of a pencil. Note how the value scale is reversed and repeats itself in the opposite direction so you do not lose the entire scale until more than half the pencil has been sharpened.

Each pencil contains an 11-Value grayscale, from 100% black to 0% white in increments of a 10% value change. This allows the user to quickly and accurately check subject values for comparison to their drawing values for correction. This unique tool also contains a scale for accurately measuring proportions and perspective and is used to refine the  drawing and bring it to completion.

This 11-Value pencil is great tool for Art educators and provides an inexpensive tool to teach the principals of grayscale and proportion. It is an ideal tool to aid the student, beginner  or recreational artist in these important technical principles.  

It is for developing a refined drawing. It is typically used with a 5-value HB pencil which is used to develop a  quick value study